Awakened from Nine Months of Sleep

After what felt like nine months of deep, tranquil sleep, I have awakened and returned to my much neglected blog. Life with two baby divas will always take first priority. Boy, did they!?!  So much has happened, so many events/activities that I could write endlessly for months about but lacked the precious time nor the momentum to proceed. Adding salt to my wound, my laptop was in the shitter for several months and I lost several pictures for some of my recipes as a result. Writing a post on my phone’s blog app was a real joke as was on the iPad. Too many insults to this injury, I just stopped (not quit) blogging here.

As I scanned through my blog page now, I realized I’m not satisfied with its theme; too colorful and I loathe the font style. I also noticed several unwanted and tasteless ads flashing at the bottom of my blog that I don’t care. I know these came with the “free” theme I chose. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky! Time to start shopping for a new theme, perhaps a premium one, to avoid the crappy ads.

I started this blog in the Spring of 2014 with too many late, late night hours clocked: First, the naming of my blog took forever. Then the content of my writing, and the method in which I want to convey them “slowly” came later. Ultimately, through blood and sweat (and no sleep, on top of what little sleep I already received), I managed to compose (with come clarity) and consistently publish a post once a week. I was quite pleased with myself for my accomplishments up to this point. For writing a simple post is easy as pie, but when you’re cranking out a post with some genuine pieces of yourself, or writing up a recipe that you’ve painstakingly documented step-by-step with pictures throughout the entire cooking process, it becomes time-consuming and a labour of love to get it “just right”. I could literally spend hours critiquing myself, picking the ideal food photo out of 15-20 shots for one recipe, and will edit, re-edit, and edit some more, until I’m blue in the face.

I resumed blogging through Tumblr last month, posting at least a few times weekly. It’s as consistent as I can get. I will transfer those posts over to this WordPress blog shortly. There are several posts which I’m quite proud of plus a few great recipes for which I’m sure I want to refer to for dinner ideas/meal planing.

Anyways, I’m back!