This Was Our Fourth of July!

I had a dab of fun and a few sweet memories in the kitchen with my zealous 5 yro sous chef by my side this July 4th! I love how she listens intently as I demonstrate a task then hits the ground running! She dutifully took over the corn on the cob department, even down to making the garlic butter spread.

IMG_9603         IMG_9601

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We made St. Louis style BBQ ribs, grass-fed beef burgers on a challah bun (I think?). All were nicely charred on the grill alongside her corn, broccoli and organic russet potato diskettes until the unthinkable occurred – my gas grill was out of propane. Turning lemons into lemonades, we resorted to our trusty convection oven. No sweat!

IMG_9569        IMG_9572

The ribs were split in ½ for easy handling, rubbed with a kid-friendly dry mix of S&P, brown sugar, paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, stored in the fridge for 5-6 hrs. Into the oven they went for 2 hours at 300, quickly basted with Stubb’s BBQ sauce, and roasted for another 30 min.

IMG_9639 (1)        IMG_9651

Although I’m not a fan of making or eating burgers, my hubby wanted them on the July 4th menu, citing it’s a traditional fare. Nonetheless, they were a no-brainer to whip up. I bought the grass-fed beef at Whole Foods. The butchers here are phenomenal, always going above and beyond! As requested, they formed the ground beef I selected into 4 fresh patties of equal size (I always have issues in this area). Sprinkled with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, they went on the grill.

IMG_9640       IMG_9839

Everything on my plate was gone and needless to say, my baby diva’s corn were buttery, sweet, and delicious! Wrapping the corn back in its own husks and roasting them in the husks really ensured their moist flavor.

Full recipe (uploaded soon)!

Perfect, casual family day! I’m Blessed beyond belief: A good meal, seeing my girls laughing/being silly, teaching them the reason we have a flag (one got it, one not quite) and capping the night off with first class, front row seats to the Sonterra Club annual fireworks display (with unobstructed view from the bedroom)!


Thankful for the freedom to be me, do as I please, when it pleases me! Happy Fourth!

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