Writing Prompt – Plunging into Darkness to Answer “Who Would Do This and Why?”

On The Writing Circle via Facebook, the writing prompt of the day was to compose an answer to “Who would do this and Why?” based on a short video clip showing a young diver near the edge of a watery cliff awaiting descent into blackness. One was to answer the questions in a form of a short story. I really enjoyed the writing exercise and challenged myself to create something within 10-15 minutes. I usually take too long to get into a writing groove and wanted to seek improvements in this area. Below is the communication between my mind and my fingers.

The darkness beckons his presence. He, who stares into the eyes of this magnificent abyss with nothing more than a lungful of adrenaline. The concept of fear eludes him as he studies the depths of this mysterious unknown. His lungs are stronger and more powerful than any of his peers. They burst with intensity… of excitement, longing to plunge deeply into this sheer madness. He has nothing to lose. He lives and dies for this exact moment!